Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Maybe I Should Block First???

Here are the knit pieces of Starsky. Okay, once again, my cavelike apartment does not offer the best of photo taking opportunities... but if you can take my word for it for a moment, consider this: although the final circumference of the torso will be over 40 inches, the four pieces knit (including the SLEEVES) are a total of 24 inches wide! Yeah, I think I'm going to go ahead and block the pieces before any seaming is involved! The pieces are currently soaking. Once I sew the shoulder seams, I have to knit on a shawl collar. I figured it would be a LOT easier to do if the pieces were already blocked... I mean, look at that mess!

For those of you who live in the general Eastern New England area, you are expecting what I am: to wake up to a pretty serious winter wonderland tomorrow morning! It is very possible that I'll get a day off from work tomorrow, and can knock out little miss Starsky- the blocking ought to dry pretty well, because I always set it up so that there is a fan pointing at it. Works pretty well.

I was talking to Cece on the phone this evening, bemoaning the fact that my knitting progress on Starsky would have to be postponed while I blocked the pieces. She is trying to convince me to go back to Gibson Girl, which is merely lacking seams and buttons... but I promise I'll get to that... just not tonight! I mean, finishing touches (my least favorite) on TWO items in one night? Not gonna happen. Maybe soon. Real soon.

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