Monday, February 05, 2007

Samus Begins

Well, I have completed more than what's in the picture, but I did enjoy working on the band pictured above. It's the beginnings of Samus, and I'm making it for my friend, Heather. She does not read this blog, so our secret is safe, as long as my few TE team members don't go a'blabbin'! (They won't. They're not the type.) Anyway, here is why the sweater is being knit: two and one half years ago, I moved. It was on Halloween weekend, and I promised that the person who wore the most awesome costume would get a knit item from me. Heather wore a bee costume. I bought the yarn and let her pick out a pattern. I was already in the midst of knitting the pattern for myself... and I hated the way it turned out. SOOOOO, the project fell to the wayside. However, this past Friday, Heather took me out for the most awesome birthday dinner, so I pulled the yarn back out from my stash and started hunting for an appropriate pattern. This one fits the bill: simple, yet pretty, a cardigan, and can easily be shortened... Heather is a smidge over five feet tall, and is also slim. Yay for making tiny sweaters for tiny people! I can't wait for her to see it. :)

To those of you who wished me a happy birthday, thank you! My parents called me and sang to me while I was at work, and it was truly hilarious. Um, I mean, the beauty of the melody did not resemble cats being tortured AT ALL. Not even a bit.

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