Saturday, February 17, 2007

Starsky, Revealed!

Unfortunately, I have a bad cold, so I look pretty darn terrible in this picture. Fortunately, Liz, the owner of Lush Beads, already has bronchitis, so we just coughed and hung out together eating Necco conversation hearts.
I have already reviewed the project details for Miss Starsky, so all you get is a couple of pictures.
However, I have started a new and experimental project. After finishing the sweater in the post below, I recalled that I have yarn for several snuggly and bulky sweaters, and that I LIKE wearing snuggly and bulky sweaters. I also think that I am capable of making up a simple, knit in the round, raglan sweater... so that is what I'm doing. Here is the plan:
1. Figure out gauge.
2. Figure out sweater specs by measuring a sweater I like.
3. Cast on appropriate number of stitches. Join. Knit in the round up to armpits, tossing in some decreasing and increasing to shape slightly.
4. Knit a couple of sleeves up to the armpit, looking at sweater that I like for reference.
5. Join sleeves and body in the round.
6. Figure out how much I need to decrease up to the neck, and decrease in raglan sleeve fashion evenly over about 8 inches.
7. Knit nice, long, snuggly turtleneck, and bind off.
8. kitchener stitch under the armpits; weave in the very few ends I have left, because I have been spit felting the ends as I go.

Sounds like a reasonable plan, right? I am currently a little vague on the sleeve shaping up to the armpit, but I will examine a couple of sweaters that I already own and go from there. I am somewhat unsure about the yarn choice I have made, because it's a bit of an odd color... it was a super cheap closeout purchase from Webs online a couple of years ago. But, what better yarn to use for an experiment? I will naturally fess up and let you all know how it turns out. Wish me luck!

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