Sunday, February 18, 2007

Take That, Gibson Girl!

Here are a couple of shots of the front... as good as it gets... it doesn't show the 'lace stitches on both sides' detail very well...
And here's a shot of the buttons in the back:

I have been avoiding sewing the seams onto this sweater for a ridiculously long time, partially because I just hate seaming, but even more so because the edges of these lacy pieces were a bear to work with. However, I am fighting off a cold, and can't really think about going out to have fun (who would want to be near me!), so home I sit. I thought about poor Cece working on Marmalade, which is beautiful but is tough going, and figured I could certainly bang out another UFO, sending it straight to FO town. So, the seams are sewn, and the cute little buttons are sewn on, too. I did an overnight block of the neck, and now she's ready to party!

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