Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thank you, Kate!

A big thanks goes out to Kate from the Bustalong, for making a pair of these and giving me the inspiration to make a pair of my own! Note: The color in real life is a bit more pleasant and mocha.

~Project Details~

Pattern: Pretty Comfy Sock by Debbi Young
Yarn: Cascade Fixation in color # 7988, two balls with not much left over!
Needles: Size 2 double points from Knitpicks
Project Notes: I liked this pattern, and the undulating wave pattern was very pleasing to me. It did feature short row heels, which I generally don't enjoy knitting, but on the second sock, I messed around with knitting and purling through the back loop (where it made sense), and I liked the way it looked a lot better. Cool.
Last night, I went out for an AMAZING pre-birthday meal with my friend Heather at the Elephant Walk in Boston. I took the commuter rail down, and brought these with me to work on. However, I realized once I pulled the project out that I had forgotten the pattern! However, after a bit of head scratching and really taking a look at the sock so far, I realized that I had memorized the pattern! It actually made the knitting go a lot faster! I wonder how often I make things harder for myself because I just rely on the pattern? I am going to pledge to you all that I will try harder to be a more intuitive knitter. You heard it here first, folks.
I am going to take a brief break from socks and work on something different next... this is particularly important because the two sock clubs that I joined will be mailing kits to me mid-month... so, yeah, I will be knitting socks in a couple of weeks anyway! As far as what I'll knit next... I haven't decided quite yet. I'm going to go stash diving and figure it out.


SaraSkates said...

They're great - and happy birthday!

sukeyknits said...

Happy Birthday! It's amazing what we don't know we actually know.

kate said...

the socks look great! aren't they just the most comfy thing? and happy birthday!

Cece said...



Want to come over tomorrow night for Lobster Dinner? My team is coming over - and one guy can't come - so I have an extra place at the table....