Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Will it Ever End???

Well, Starsky is finished blocking, and yes, we did have a snow day today... so I knit the shawl collar... ALL DAMN DAY. However, I am now finally sewing up the seams, which appears to be a project I will not finish before bed time. I am trying to be very careful, particularly because it's a heavy worsted weight yarn, and I don't want the seams to be bulky... or, rather, any bulkier than they need to be. I feel confident that I will have a finished pic for you within the next couple of days.

Sigh. I must return to hell... um, I mean, seaming my lovely sweater... and even when I'm done that, I still need to place the belt, knit up some belt loops, and probably block the shawl collar- the ribbing definitely needs to be softened up a little.

ECCH! And yet, it's a groovy sweater and will all be worth it... Right??? Plus, it is the yarn that has been in my stash the longest, so it definitely deserves to be knit up during the stashalong!

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