Saturday, March 10, 2007

Garbage Car...

When I was in college, I had a friend named Andrew who drove one of those tiny Ford Festivas that are as big as a toaster and almost as safe to operate. It was named 'the toaster', as a matter of fact. Well, Andrew had this habit of leaving garbage in the car, and so, it was occasionally very smelly. So, sometimes we would refer to the toaster as the 'garbage car'. WELL..... today is the first day that it's been sort of warm outside, and there is evidently SOMETHING rotting somewhere in my car. Oh, good lord, it smells so incredibly terrible! I did a very sincere and serious search of every single inch of my car, even got down on my knees on the dirty parking garage floor, and I truly did not find anything other than a couple of slips of paper with directions written on them, a flyer (that had been left on my windshield) encouraging me to go to the world trade center to try out for "Deal or No Deal", and a straw wrapper. No smelly piles of goo, no rotting apple in an old plastic bag, no nothing! What in the world stinks so incredibly badly!!! I even checked the trunk and the little bins in the doors. I did indeed find a lot of dust, and the overall look of the inside (and outside) of the car is decidedly unsparkly, but no garbage! I was driving with the window down, and when I passed a dead skunk on the Connector, it was actually a welcome change of pace.

Dang. What is a girl to do about her garbage car? Her normal name is "The Skittle", because of her small and purple nature... but for now, she is the garbage car. Accept rides at your own odoriferous peril.

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Anonymous said...

Amanda, I'm guessing that a mouse crawled into one of the many crevices in your car and died. Good luck with finding out which one!