Saturday, April 07, 2007


Well, I have not updated my blog in a ridiculously long time. That is because I am still focusing on the secret knitting, and because my life otherwise is exceedingly dull.
I did go to my brother's wedding, and it was a very nice affair. There was much drama for me on the way out there, as the second leg of my flight was completely cancelled. To sum up, there was crying, more crying, followed by crying. Finally, I got a flight to San Jose instead of Monterey, drove down there, and fell into bed at 3:30 AM, only to get up at 8 AM. It was a whirlwind of a weekend.
The rehearsal dinner was delicious, and featured a hysterical slide show of pics from both my brother's and his wife's lifespans... extremely good stuff. I had been asked to give a speech during the rehearsal dinner... or so I had understood... but it was ACTUALLY during the wedding, but it went fine. People laughed where they were supposed to, and I managed not to swear or say anything embarrassing. Go, me!
We are having an extended winter around here... it snowed a few days ago, and the snow has not had a chance to melt. I also hear that we're possibly in for a couple more snowfalls within the next few days. Bleh.
That's really it for now. I'm guessing that within the next two weeks, I will have finished the secret knitting, given it to the recipient, and will be able to share it here, as well as move on to new and different projects.

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