Saturday, June 09, 2007

Getting Closer...

to finishing a knitting project! After going to visit the sheepies a couple of weeks ago, I immediately wanted to cast on a new project, and decided I was perfectly deserving of doing so, despite the various projects I already have on needles.

So, I wound up my new Just Our Yarn Aziza nice and tight, and cast on for the Bramble Leaf scarf with French trellis border from Victorian Lace Today. I'm actually almost done... ony about 120 rows of 50-ish stitches each. Here's a shot of some of the bramble leaf detail:

and here's what I did to make sure that the extra slithery, easily tangly tencel yarn stayed untangled:

I made sure that the core was always nice and tight inside the yarn, by keeping it taped and retaping it every so often. I do believe I have comfortably averted disaster this way, and recommend it as a tip to one and all.

Oh, and check this out... last Saturday, I was having a nice espresso martini with a few locals, one of whom is Lizbeth Upitis, who is the technical editor for Victorian Lace Today! I had never even noticed that her name was mentioned in the book- it was very funny, because i was GUSHING about the book and all of the fantastic lace knitting information in the book, and how I was working on this new project, and so on... and she said, 'Well, I was actually the technical editor on that book!" I nearly died. She was basically responsible for the amazing appendix in the back which give so much info on lace knitting... it was a happy coincidence!

I'll be sure to post a (better) pic of the scarf once it's all blocked and stuff. No idea how tencel blocks, but man... it sure does drape nicely!

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