Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Earrings!

Today, I spent the bulk of my afternoon photographing and listing earrings on my etsy store. I really love MAKING things, but I hate photographing them and listing them online. It is such a chore! Anyway, check out the link to my etsy store to the right ----------->
and see my new items! All of the earrings feature contemporary and vintage glass beads that I picked up this spring at one of my favorite bead shops, and many of them feature the new, funky oversized kidney ear wires that seem to be showing up everywhere. I even made the headpins myself, and oxidized some of the silver to give the earrings a cool, vintage look.
One of the good things about listing new items? Actually selling things! Someone bought one of the pairs of earrings! They're super cute, too, with adorable little purple beads. Delicious!

In knitting news, I decided to begin two projects, and am about 3/4 finished with one of them. I'm assuming that by tomorrow or Thursday, I'll have a new FO shot for you all!

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sukeyknits said...

You do such a great job photographing your jewelry - even if it's a chore. The earrings are wonderful - am starting to rethink my whole stance on not wearing earrings.