Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, I recently posted a pic of the lacy scarf that I'm knitting, and I'm getting near the end... about 14 rows left, to be precise. However, I am getting extraordinarily nervous about the amount of yarn I have left. I don't even have the heart to post a picture of how much yarn I have left. Plus, I'm so nervous that I keep making mistakes and having to tink back to correct the errors.

OHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO! I'll just have to suffer through fixing the errors... but regarding the severe paucity of yarnage, I do have a plan... to, um, sort of bunch a couple of rows together or something... I'm sure no one will notice...

You see, the scarf is knit in three parts: First, you knit up the first border widthwise, which is about a foot square. You bind off, then pick up along one side, knit the length of the scarf (minus the second border), then cast on for the bottom of the second border. As you knit the second border, you knit one length stitch with every other border stitch. I know I'm describing this badly. Anyway, I'm considering knitting two length stitches with every other border stitch as needed, and doing a crochet cast off rather than a regular one... if I must.

If I end up having to do this, y'all had BETTER say it looks great. The other option is for me to unravel the ENTIRE second border, and I just don't think I have it in me.

More within a couple of days. I will either be jubilant, or a crushed shell of a woman. Let's hope for the former.

***********a little while later***********************

okay, reader(s), the news is good. I finished the pattern as written, and have yarn left over. This much yarn, to be precise:

Yep, it was THAT CLOSE. Now you see why I was so nervous! Eep!


Liz said...

Maybe you could use what's left over to make a mouse-sized version!

Cece said...

Phew. I hate that feeling... and I know it all too well!!!

sukeyknits said...

Yeah! I'm in the same boat for a sweater I'm working on. Why aren't there pics of the finished product - you're killing us!