Tuesday, July 31, 2007

MORE Sensational Knitted Socks

All right, it has been longer than I wanted since I have posted, but I had a busy weekend... I was at a craft show for a total of 21 hours over this past weekend. It was pretty rough. It went fairly well sales-wise, and I managed to have a pretty good number of nice conversations with people, telling them about my new studio at Western Ave. Studios, and getting them to sign my email list! Hopefully, sending out emails will help to get people to come by and see what I'm up to.

Speaking of which, Western Ave. Studios has "Open Studios" every first Saturday of the month, including THIS Saturday! I'll be there from noon to five p.m., hanging out, welcoming visitors, making jewelry, and what have you. If you're in the area, do come by... and say hello! You'll get to wander around and check out over a bunch of art studios, and I'll give you some recommendations of other spots to check out... like the Quilt Museum, which has a big event going on this weekend!

Okay, now on to the knitting. Several months ago, I got some yarn from the Socks That Rock Sock of the Month club, and while I liked the yarn itself, I really didn't like the pattern that came with it. The first sock that I knit up was bulky and not really my style. So, I ripped it out, and whipped these up:
The above pic also shows the eye of partridge heel, which looks nice with the variegated sock yarn.

Below is the top view:

And here is a closeup of the scroll pattern. This yarn tends to shrink a little when washed, so the pattern will be a bit more stretched out after washing:

Project Specs:
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock medium weight sock yarn, in colorway "Monsoon"
Needles: Double point needles, size 1
Pattern: "Scrolls" stitch, from the book More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch, with 'eye of partridge' heel. Cast on 64 stitches.
Notes: The Amazon.com reviewers are right: this book deserves 5 stars for the cool patterns, well written instructions, and ease of changing different aspects of the sock. This pattern looks like it was more complicated than it really is: I was able to memorize the pattern super fast! I will be buying this book for myself... I borrowed it from Cece this go-around, but it deserves to be in my library for sure.

I have started to realize something about my blogging: I tend to prefer to just post pictures of the finished product, rather than sharing pics of the new yarn, the first few cast on stitches, and the work in progress... and I certainly did not take a picture of the sock I didn't like that I ripped out! I think that if I DID share these pictures, that they would indeed be interesting to people... but for whatever reason, I don't do it. Hmm.

So, in an effort to turn over a new leaf, here is a picture of my latest 'quickie project':

While in London visiting my sister, I bought some Mango Moon Dawn yarn, which is made of 100% recycled sarong cotton in Indonesia. The sales of the yarn help to support families in Nepal and India, and it is really cool and interesting to work with. I had actually knit up the yarn I got in London, and then decided I really needed more yarn. I ordered another skein online, and then when it came, I realized that the two colors looked different enough that it would look strange to just keep knitting. So, I have been alternating between the two skeins. I added the drop stitch because I wanted to really SEE the yarn. I am going to add some awesome fringe before all is done.

Today, I'll be heading over to my studio and doing some whatnot... I will hopefully remember to bring along my camera so I can document the developments over there!

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sukeyknits said...

Love the Mango Moon yarn - such a great organization it seems. You need to teach me how to alternate as my extra balls of yarn for the orange sweater are a bit off from each other.