Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Studio Space

Okay, I am finally going to be showing off some pictures of my new studio space! For those who have not gotten the memo, I have moved into an art studio space, which will be dedicated to making jewelry. It is located at Western Avenue Studios.

Several months ago, I contacted the management company to see if there were any spaces available. I was sick of my jewelry stuff being set up in the middle of my apartment and having to put it away every time I wanted my home to look tidy, and I had hopes that I would get more exposure and publicity over there.

As luck would have it, I called just as plans were being put together to renovate a new section of the mill, and I even took pictures of that section, shown here. I reserved a spot, signed papers, and sent in a deposit. However, the completion date kept getting pushed further and further into the future, obliterating my dream to move on over there and work in there over the summer. I then asked to see if any of the older studios would be vacated as the leases ended July 1, and as luck would have it, there was a similarly priced studio available! I moved in July 1. Of course, 3 days later, I left the country for a week, but I made great use of those three days, quickly setting up my studio and creating oodles of new jewelry.

Now that I'm back, I've been working on setting up my studio, and began painting this past Sunday. Here are a few pictures of what the studio looked like after the first few days of 'occupancy'... it's SOOOO nice to have all of my supplies within reach and nicely organized in cabinets!

Here's a shot of my little workspace, taken from the door of the studio:
Here are my two windows, showing off my glorious view of... wait for it.... an alleyway! Just like my condo! Wahoooo!

A shot of the groovy leather couch I purchased from the former tenant:

Another shot of my work space:

Already, things have changed... I have painted the walls another color, and am making some more tables. I will post more pictures soon!


sukeyknits said...

How exciting! I love that you can be organized and it looks like tons of space to sprawl out. You'll have to have a studio warming party when you're finally finishing being set up.

Cece said...

Damn it. I can't see flicker pictures from work. Sounds wonderful though.

I second the 'studio warming' idea.

Amanda said...

i am definitely on board for that... i've been thinking about it, myself!