Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WHY MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Dangit! Dangit, dangit, dangit! Okay, it COULD be worse, but it still STINKS.

My window crank in my car broke right off this evening. I rolled the window up, and kapow! the handle came right off in my hand. Snapped. Part of the plastic is still attached, but not much. Yes, I still have manual windows and door locks. Get over it. If YOU would like to buy me a fancier car, feel free. But until that happens, SHUT UP. I am in no mood.

Anyway, I could totally live without this crank if I didn't park my car in a garage that requires me to swipe a passcard... THROUGH AN OPEN WINDOW. Now, I shall be forced to open the door and physically undo my seatbelt, set the parking brake, get out of the car, and swipe the car.... each and every time I come and go from the parking garage.

Clearly, I cannot live like that for another 5-10 years, which is how long I believe my car will last. So, I will be flushing some stupid money down the stupid drain for a stupid handle.

Oh, and my computer KNOWS I ordered a new one, and it is clearly angry with me. It will not turn on any more (well, it turned on after about 20-30 tries last week), so I can't turn it off any more. And yesterday, it started spontaneously rebooting itself every few hours for no apparent reason. Yes, I have backed up my files on an external hard drive. Yes, the new computer is in the mail.

Stuff breaking STINKS.

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sukeyknits said...

Bummer! Good thing the new computer is coming soon to save the day. Hopefully the handle is on the cheapo side.
- From a girl that has manual windows and locks too - power to the sisterhood!