Thursday, August 09, 2007

But I don't FEEEEEL like it!

So, here they are, six lovely bead crochet bracelets, all ready to be sewn shut, but.... that is the part that I don't like to do! So, for now, they sit, quietly waiting to be finished. It's talkin' big to say that it'll happen soon, when I know in my heart that it is much more likely that I'll go ahead and start a new one to add to the pile.

Purdy, ain't they! Since they're not finished, they're not actually for sale anywhere yet... so if there is one that you see that you reeeeeally want, let me know... ;-)


Liz said...

ooooh, i like the silvery one at the bottom!

Lissa said...

Beautiful!! I'm with you..I have a stash of unfinished projects!

I tagged you if you get a chance to look at my blog and see the details :)