Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One Week From Now...

is evidently a big day in the knitting world! Who knew? Two yarn dyers are going to be updating their web pages on August 28 with their newest colorways. Feel free to remind ME about this as well...

The first is Sundara Murphy, whose yarns can be seen here. I belong to her sock of the month club (AKA the Petals Collection), and have liked the yarn VERY much. I like the patterns for the most part, as well. I chose not to follow the most recent pattern, making these instead, but still... the yarn? Definitely worth it. It knits up nicely, is comfy to wear, and washes nicely as well.

The second is Sunshine Yarns, who is local to Boston and can be found on Etsy right here. I have not knit anything with her yarn, but I have touched and patted it, and it felt quite nice indeed.

So, next Tuesday, feel free to email me and remind me to at least check out the yarns, okay?

I have been browsing Ravelry through my friend's account (I'm # 12500 or something close to it on the list), and found these two sock patterns that I am just in love with. First is the Vinnland sock from The Anti Craft. These socks are very appealing to me because the pattern is not symmetrical. Instead, the cables wander along the length of the sock, and are very visually fascinating. I'm sure it will make for nonboring knitting as well! The second is the Whiskers and Paw Prints pattern, which has little whiskers.... check out the pattern and you'll see what I'm talking about! Both of these would look great in a solid sock yarn color, and I haven't done much knitting with solids. Hmm. And considering that I literally only have enough yarn for two more pairs of socks in my stash.... well, forget the fact that I have knit myself probably 30 pairs of socks... I want to make MOOOOOORE!

As for my last post about 'stalking' my readers, it appears that this may be somewhat disconcerting for some of you... but don't worry, I am REALLY not married to the idea of trying to figure out exactly WHO visitors are, just that there ARE people who come back more than once! Example: I was able to figure out who my sister was, because she's the only person in England who visits me every day. Plus, most visitor locations do not exactly match the towns that they are from. So, you will most certainly continue to remain anonymous if that is the way you want it... don't worry!

The only person who emailed me and said that they would happily confess to reading my blog regularly is my mom, and she doesn't have a blog. However, she is the one who taught me how to knit, and is a great knitter. She is also an amazing (repeat: AMAZING ) seamstress (is that the right term, mom?) and is able to draft her own patterns for gorgeous complicated tailored jackets, pants, dresses, coats, and whatever she puts her mind to. Mom, if you'd like to forward me some pictures of things that you have made, please feel free - I'd love to put them up and show you off! (If you're feeling shy, you can put the clothes on your dressform)

In actual knitting news, I am now exactly halfway done with the border on my current project, the Myrtle Leaf Shawl. I totally promise a picture. Eventually.

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