Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Although I completed these on Sunday (a mere 3 days after receiving the yarn in the mail), I have not had enough daylight to take good pictures until today.

Project Review
Pattern: Sidewinders: A Perpensockular Pattern by nonaKnits
Size: 8-9 Medium
Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight in Flower Power (the rockin' sock club SOTM yarn) from Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Needles: size 1 circular
Pattern/ Project notes: I loved this pattern! As you might recall, I FREQUENTLY have several gripes about patterns, but for this one, I had not a single complaint! The pattern is FREE, and yet had no typos, errata, and it was extremely well written. The instructions are lengthy and are spread out over several blog posts, but I just copied and pasted into a Word document and printed it out.

The fact that these socks are knitted perpendicularly from what is usually done, the 'stretch' goes in the opposite direction (top to bottom instead of around the foot). Therefore, there are 12 different sizes to choose from. According to my measurements, I was a medium rather than a narrow, and I indeed got gauge and the socks indeed fit perfectly when I was done. If you make these socks, definitely do the gauge swatch, because the pattern would be quite unforgiving and nonadjustable if you tried to 'fix' things as you went along!

People, you HAVE to try this pattern. It was so fun to watch the sock grow and to watch the stripes going the 'wrong way' on the sock! If you loathe kitchener stitch, though, you'd better develop steely nerves to do about 140 stitches to finish up each sock!

Oh, and check it out - I really wanted to do a quickie project, so I whipped up this crocheted market bag over the past couple of nights:

Project notes:

Pattern: Crochet String Bag from the back of the ball band
Yarn: Sugar 'n' Cream in Hot Green
Crochet Hook US G
Notes: This was fun, quick and easy. That is all. :)

Yes, I am dawdling on finishing the myrtle leaf shawl. So sue me.

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