Thursday, August 02, 2007

Some More Shots around WAS

WAS = Western Avenue Studios, by the way.

On August 2, which was a ridiculously hot day ( mid to upper 90's), I decided to get a few shots outside.
WAS sprung for a humongous sign, to help people find us in this random, end of a dead end road location:

Train tracks run along side the other side of the street. It is especially nice when the trains park and idle for hours... very odoriferous!
I don't care if Queen Ann's Lace is a weed. It's still pretty.
Evidently, the train tracks are a great place for a wee plastic nip 'o' liquor.
Pelby? was here???
Ivy clings to more than brick.

Ivy and a steel beam.
I am no graffiti expert, but this is kinda pretty. It probably says: "we kill tall, blonde chicks who take pictures of our graffiti."
My windows are three rows down, the two on the right.
Once my Honda dies, I am totally picking me up one of these babies.

Three.... two.... one.... um, blastoff?

Yes, the Classic Elite factory store is in the same building as my studio. Rock!

I hope you have enjoyed these lovely pictures. I sacrificed my sanity walking around in the heat to snap these pics. Whew.

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