Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Weird Day

Have you ever had one of those days where you just flounder around, not really sure what to do with yourself? I mean, sure, I could come up with a zillion things I'd like to do, but none of them really sounded like the right thing.

I wasted hours that way today. Now, mind you, I am NOT complaining. After all, I have the summer off from work. However, psychologically, that sometimes puts a bit of pressure on me, as though I need to make every single second count or I'm wasting time, taking it for granted, and so on.

Anyway, today started out that way big time. I woke up later than I planned, and just plain did not know what I felt like doing. Did I feel like going over to my studio? Naah. Perhaps I should clean my apartment? Ick. How about go for a walk? No, my foot hurts. And so it went.

Finally, I decided that an iced mocha latte (decaf) would most certainly give me the inspiration to figure out what to do. I brought my car keys with me just in case I was inspired to go somewhere while out. (I wasn't inspired) Once I got back to my apartment, I noticed that someone had left a few mystery novels on the counter in the mail room, so I grabbed one and decided that perhaps what I was going to do today was read.

After chapter 1, a weird thing happened: I decided that after every chapter, I would tidy up my apartment for a few minutes. After chapter 3, that 'few minutes' of tidying had turned into a tidying hour! It was as though once I had started, it was more and more satisfying to keep going.

However, it is hot out, so the whole 'sweating like a pig' thing has slowed me down for the time being. Last week was SO HOT, that even though it is pretty toasty out, it just feels nice to have the windows open and to be breathing fresh, nonconditioned air.

Anyway... I only have 13 days left until the school year starts again... and I really don't want to spend another one of those days like today, feeling like I'm wasting the end of my summer. Any suggestions for how to make the most of this time are most certainly welcome.


anodyne said...

I like that you set yourself a small task between chapters that you were able to do, and that it sort of snowballed. Maybe you could capitalize on that effect in the future?

You could also try making a list of things you want to do, so that when you have an uninspired day, you've already thought up possibilities. Maybe make a deal with yourself to try one of them for a couple minutes, even when none of them look good (because you know they looked good on a normal day. :))

Ben Can Dance said...

My suggestion is to drink lots more of those iced mochas! And everything anodyne said is good too. :)

Also, you have too many blogs. Couldn't find the current one from your profile. ha ha