Saturday, August 04, 2007

Western Avenue Studios First Saturday

Today was the first time I got to participate in the WAS First Saturday event. It is a scorcher today, so we didn't get a whole ton of people, but I did manage to make a few sales, make some jewelry, and enjoy myself overall.

I took a few pictures (of course), and now that I have a laptop, I can load the pics onto my computer right here in the studio! Very convenient.

Yes, some of these are shots that you have already seen- new shots, but the same camera angle of the same darned things... but that's probably going to happen a few more times until the novelty and excitement of being in this space wears off!

If you click on the pics and go to my Flickr account, there are notes on the pictures. If you're interested.

Here is my sign and bio. NOT crooked in real life.

I took some pics of my jewelry and hung them in the hallway. Again, not crooked in real life. Pwomise!
Dad, this shot is for you... look how great that screen fits the window!
This shot is taken from the doorway - people get a great view of my display as they walk by. Well, hopefully the walk IN, not BY.
Display from inside. Check out the groovy old mirror - it rocks!
Workspace, with laptop hiding back there.

More workspace. The little tumbler on the table is tumbling ear wires. Can't wait to see how they turn out!
All right, that's it for now. No knitting update pic for now; you'll just have to wait on that one.

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KnittingKnirvana said...

Tahnk you! I was looking forward to pics of your new studio. I don't know if I have commented before, but I frequently read your blog. I am a knitting, beading, social worker from upstate NY.