Saturday, September 01, 2007

Biggesy Mammal!

I stopped by the Cambodian grocery store today, and didn't think to take pics of the Cambodian delicacies that I picked up (oops), but did take a picture of my snacky dessert, Yan Yan. Yan yan consists of some sweet, tasty cookie-like breadstick-like items, and a little section of dipping chocolate. Yummy! Here's what the packaging looks like, so you know to buy them if you ever get the chance:

Each stick has a little animal on it and a little saying. They were all cute, but this one was my favorite:

Yes, the whale is indeed a biggesy mammal. Awwww. And, here is an attempt at a closer shot of the whale itself. Check out the blowhole action:

I'm saving the biggesy mammal for last. *munch munch*

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