Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Self Portrait Thursday

Conveniently enough, this will serve as both my SPT picture and a knitting update... how convenient! AND, amazingly enough, I was totally satisfied with the first and only shot I snapped!

So, I'm mostly done with the big skulls, too, but there is still soooo much left... the rest of the body of the bag, then the handles (pre felted, there are four handles that are 18 inches long each!), then the i-cord bindoff around all 4 handle holes, then the i-cord around the bottom of the bag inside and out, and then finally the felting, shaping and drying. Done in one week? Not so sure. I'm doing what I can, people. Doing what I can.


~B.Z. said...

Hiya SEXY !

Beth said...

Hi there!

I decided to check out the links on your last e-mail to me.

I really love your stuff! I'm a knitter myself!