Thursday, September 20, 2007

Self Portrait Thursday

It's that time of week again. Today's picture is a bit of 'reality photographing' for you... definitely not trying to gloss over what I REALLY look and feel like today.
Evidently, I am developing seasonal environmental allergies. I am watery and sneezy and my sinuses are full of concrete. Up until maybe a year ago, this was not the case. Now, well, it IS the case. I am using so many Kleenexes every day, their stock will probably go up. Claritin is not helping, and if it IS helping... well, wow. That is terrible to even think about.
It doesn't help that it is hot out today. I'm sweaty AND sneezy. But no, I'm not actually sneezing in this shot, and the tissue is clean. I promise. :)


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you got that right.