Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wow- Sleepy, Much?

Now, while it is true that I hadn't been sleeping very well this week, I wasn't expecting this... I managed to sleep until one in the afternoon today! This really never happens. On the weekends, I usually wake right up at the time I usually get up to go to work, which is about 7 AM. Then, I can usually force myself to sleep another hour or two - you know, the luxury of being able to sleep in on the weekends.

Not today.

I guess I really needed it. Deep, heavy, crazy dreamed sleep. No tossing and turning. You could have prodded me with a chocolate covered bowl of ice cream and I still would have remained completely asleep.

In other news, I went over to Cece's house yesterday evening for some knitting, hanging out, and casual birthday celebration (it's her birthday on Tuesday). I was very excited about this, because I actually managed to think of a birthday gift that I knew she would like and that I knew she didn't have - fancy schmancy tea and a tea infuser from Simpson & Vail. They have really lovely teas of all different varieties. I got her Monkey King Jasmine, Lilac, Rooibos Chai, and a decaf Earl Grey. If you are a tea fan, this place has most likely got the tea you are looking for, and it is really delicious and high quality. Super yum.

Speaking of super yum, I made an ice cream cake for Cece, following my mother's example: 1 springform pan lined with saran wrap. 1 layer of crumbled Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer cookies. 1 layer of chocolate brownie ice cream. 1 layer of chocolate fudge with sweetened coconut (or macaroon crumbles). 1 layer of vanilla bean ice cream. 1 layer of chocolate fudge with more choco cookies. Freeze at least 1 day.

You can use whatever flavors of ice cream you like, of course. This was a big hit. It is admittedly not the most attractive of desserts, but once you bite into it, it really doesn't matter. Yum yum yum.

And now, I must go make lunch - haven't eaten anything since that ice cream cake last night!

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Cece said...

it was all yummy and wonderful. I'm drinking the tea right now!