Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yarrrrrr, mateys!

I did it! I didn't think I could, but I did. I managed to finish the Pirate Queen's Booty Bag in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is tomorrow. I sincerely doubt that anyone at work will know of this glorious international holiday, however, I know there are people out there who will speak to me in spirit!

Anyway, here is a shot of the knitted-up bag pre- felting.

Now, here are a couple of shots of the bag post - felting. The first one is hung up right in the same spot as the prefelted one, for comparison.
The second one shows the inside of the bag, too... it's reversible, even!

Project Notes:

Pattern: Pirate Queen's Booty Bag, by Pat Knight
Needles: Denise Interchangeable needles, size 8
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Pacific (#2433) and Jet (#4002), three skeins each
Pattern Notes: I liked this pattern, although double knitting is very slow going. I never thought I'd be done in time! There is a typo right near the beginning, where you knit rows 1-20 in straight double knit, but then you start the little skulls on row 11! Ewps. Other than that, it was straightforward and easy to follow. There is lots and lots of i-cord edging, which gives the bag a nice finished look at the end, and it went a lot faster than I thought.
The bag felted a little different than I expected: it shrank more lengthwise than widthwise, and the opening of the bag is a little wider and more floppy than I would really like, but the bag is still cool and totally usable. And hey - there are SKULLS! I saw somewhere that someone did this bag with another pattern on it, which would be cool. I might use smaller needles next time since I'm such a loose knitter, but hey. All in all, I'm happy. Thumbs up!

I always like it when I run into cool free patterns on the net. Thank you, Pat Knight!

Now, all of you check out the Talk Like a Pirate website and try out a few key phrases tomorrow. You won't be sorry!


Cece said...

What kind of socks are the pirates favorite?


Tee hee

Ellen said...

ahoy! congrats!

why couldn't the pirate go to the movie?

it was rated arrrrrrrgh

Peldyn said...

yowzah, tiny! that is one awesome bag!

remind me to mail that yarn to you I am ever so lax

Rubys & Purls said...

Love the reversible pirate bag! That is so cool!