Tuesday, October 16, 2007


According to the dictionary, it is not a word. However, according to the person in Omaha Nebraska who searched the internet for that word and came up with MY BLOG AS A RESULT... and to MY FRIEND CECE WHO TYPED THAT WORD IN A COMMENT ON MY BLOG (see here)... it is indeed a word. Who knew?

Just as with the Super Nice Booty incident from last month, I am going to go out on a limb and guess that the searcher did not find what they were looking for on my blog. Who knows, really!


Lizmo said...

Imagine the disappointment when the searcher thought he was getting something "boobilious" (wtf, btw) and instead he got a floppy stuffed squid. Ah the interweb, she is a cruel mistress.

~B.Z. said...

I had one of those horney pud wackers check me out too ....
( now let's see what search THAT brings up ! )

This is the google link they followed

Amanda said...

oh, no, bz, how awful!