Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hack Hack, Cough Cough

Ugh. Partway through my work day yesterday, my sinuses, throat and ears all started hurting kind of a lot. By bed time, I was sniffling and sad. When I woke up today, it was ouchytown with some phlegm tossed in for extra fun time. Ick!

I know what happens when I go to work in this condition: I get all supersick, and stay that way for weeks. So, today I stayed home and drank a lot of orange juice and rested. I figured while I was horizontal, I'd list a bunch of new things in my Etsy store... so I did just that! Here is a small sampling of these items:

They can be bought at my Etsy Shop. Feel free to just ogle, too. :)

This Saturday and next Saturday, Western Avenue Studios is having their Open Studios. It will be great, because a lot of artists will have their studios open because of the upcoming holidays, and hoping that people will come on by to do shopping. It will be a great opportunity not only to shop, but also to browse around and admire artwork created by local artists. You should totally come. 10-6, Dec. 1 and 8, 120 Western Ave, Lowell, MA. Sweeeeet! You can find additional directions at Western Ave's Website.

Finally, apologies for my severe lack of posting as of late. I have no excuse other than being busy and tired. Just like everyone else, right?

I will leave you with a cute picture of some of my dollies getting drowsy. No, we are not tired! We want to stay up!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Secret of the Stole

Two months ago, I joined a knitalong where you don't know ahead of time what the final project will look like. We knew it was a stole, we knew what style of yarn and beads to purchase, but we didn't really know how long or wide it would be, or whether the pattern would even be something we liked.

I went for it, and ended up enjoying the process as well as the end result.

It's hanging out (all NINE FEET OF IT) on my floor, happily blocking.

Informal final project words:

I liked doing a knitalong where you only get one section of the pattern per week; it meant that I didn't RUSH rush rush like I sometimes (okay, frequently) do.
I liked that it was fairly simple... pretty basic stitches and no need for a lifeline.
I liked seeing how other people's projects were coming along.
I liked the yarn.

I liiiiiiked it.

So there you have it.

Today is the day after Thanksgiving. It was a quiet day... my mom, dad, grandma, and myself. We ate loads of delicious food, and just hung out and mellowed. This wonderful day was followed by a day of terrible tragedy. Yes, tragedy. About 30 minutes after I left my parents' house, I realized I had left my wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving leftovers on the top shelf of the fridge. Dagnabbit!
Well, there is always Christmas...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Self Portrait Thursday

Sneaky Fingerman met Toby... and I'm not so sure he is happy about it. He basically looks petrified!

By the way, check out Toby's little sweater... yep, I made it... from leftover sock yarn! Finally, I have a use for all of those little leftover balls of yarn! I'll make sure to post some more pics of the wee sweaters soon!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Okay, I'm outing myself...

Here is my confession... for a while now, I have thought that Blythe dolls were kinda cute, and I really wanted one. I found an online message board for lovers of Blythe, and scooped up several pre-loved dollies. I admit that the Blythe bug has hit pretty darn hard, and I just love them. I have never collected anything before, and not only am I collecting them (sort of... some Blytheaholics have dozens of them!), but I'm really interested in customizing them! Check this out:

This little dolly was a Prima Dolly Saffy, and had been customized by her former owner... the lipstick is a bit chunky in real life, and something needed to be done, and pronto! Soooooo.... check out the new and improved dolly, named October! (Toby for short, of course)

Blythes have a string in the back of their head that you pull and their eye color changes. Above is a honey color, backed with silver sparkly foil. Below is a light blue eyechip, backed with green foil. Yes, I changed these out myself! I also sand matted her face, gave her light makeup, painted on the freckles, and rerooted the mohair all by myself. I managed to gouge my thumb pretty badly with the teensy crochet hook, but I think the results are worth it!

I WILL be careful, jeez!

Is this better?

Fine then, you my all look at the BACK of my head, instead. Feel free to be jealous of my ridiculously fabulous and fluffy hair:

So, now you know. And even if you think Blythes are creepy (some do), you have to admit that I did a pretty nice freakin' job on the customization!