Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another Round of Snow

A lot of it happened while we were sleeping last night, but I ventured out for a brief moment this morning to snap some pics. It was a gloomy day, but after having a nice, sunny day yesterday (okay, so it didn't get out of the teens... big deal!)

First up, we notice that the sidewalk has been grossly neglected. (Also, please note that I'm sorta wearing highwaters and that my boots are completely under the snow)

The plows were taking care of the streets and parking lots... thank you, Mr. Plow!

Middle St:

And again:

Important note: I actually brightened up these pictures a bit to make them a little more visible... it was a lot more gloomy out there than the pictures suggest. There was NO ONE out and about... it was quite frosty and snowy out there!

Later on in the day, we enjoyed some nice sleet, which ought to slick things up quite nicely. Again, I will be curious to see as to whether or not they'll delay or cancel school tomorrow. This is the third Sunday in a row we've gotten snow!

I had a pretty quiet day today. I got some chores done, some Christmas gifts prepared, and most of my Christmas cards have been written out and tucked into their envelopes, all ready to go.

Do you ever say something out loud at the same time as it is said on the tv? I just typed out "pretty quiet" at the same time as the newscaster said it on television. Weird. Cool, too!

I haven't mentioned knitting lately... that is because I don't currently have a project that is really catching my interest, believe it or not. Every once in a while, I take a little break from my intensive, obsessive knitting. I have, in fact, knit about 4 inches of the Socks that Rock Lenore pattern, and do like the pattern, but I've been more focused on the jewelry stuff lately. That's just how it seems to be going for me. Don't worry, I will ALWAYS return to knitting, and there will be projects and pictures to share... there had better be... I have about 30 projects in my Ravelry queue, and have plenty of yarn to work with!

One more week of school until... Christmas vacation! My sister Liz will be flying here in a few days, and we are already devising plans for all of that free time we'll have. Bowling was even mentioned... I'll try to remember my camera!

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Stacey said...

That was a lot of snow eh? Your pictures are gorgeous! I was a bit of a wimp with mine. :)