Sunday, December 09, 2007

I could be a Vampire

Seriously... last weekend, it was sunny outside on Saturday but I was stuck inside all day. It was cloudy on Sunday. I am in a windowless office all week at work. Then, this weekend was a repeat... sunny on the day I'm stuck inside, cloudy all day today. When in the world will I ever get to go outside in the sun again? My next chance is six days away.

People, this is grody. I have pictures to take... doesn't the sun know that?!?!?

It's snowing again tonight, and I hear ice is expected to join it. I wonder if we'll get another snow day. If so, I hope it's actually snow and not wet sleet/ icy rain... cuz if it's just snow, i'll run outside and take the pictures out there! Why the heck not?

Yesterday was the last official jewelry selling event of the season. It was a busy week, and I sold a lot of jewelry! Huzzah!

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