Saturday, December 15, 2007

In Heaven!

I am happy as a clam today. I had a really nice night last night (will describe later on in the post), then woke up early, did errands at 5 different stores, and was home by 10 AM. It is sunny (but coldddddd) out, and I got to go outside in the sun for the first time in WEEKS. I intend to repeat this act at least once or twice more today, because I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Because of the sun, I was able to get some pictures in my apartment of the dollies setting up the Christmas tree. First, Quinn sneaks into my pink and white tree and checks out a bird:

Next, the girls trim the tree. Well, some of them do... Toby lazes about while everyone else puts up the decorations:

Willow thinks about what to put up next:

Toby shows us a sparkly ball:

I think she is determined to stay under the tree until Santa arrives. I'm sure there are visions of sugarplums in that giant noggin of hers!

So, that was fun. I enjoyed taking silly pictures and putting up the trees. They're both small, but I have two of them. Fun!

Anyway, last night, I went to Newburyport to visit my friend Heather. Our friend Sue and Heather's coworker Pam also came along. We walked downtown, and did some holiday shopping. All of the downtown stores stayed open late and many were serving cookies, wine, hot cider and so on, to attract holiday shoppers... and every single store was jam packed! I found just what I was looking for, and we had a really nice time walking around and browsing.

We did have a little bit of a scary moment on our way there... We were walking along, when suddenly a car veered to the side of the road and honked loudly. He then screeched forward and slammed into the parked car in front of him, and then screeched backward and slammed into the car parked behind him. There were about 5 car lengths in between the two parked cars, so this was a fairly dramatic event! After he screeched forward the first time, I suggested rather forcefully that we run away and around the corner. We then called the police. After we called, the guy (who had gone into the house next to his car) came out and looked at us, and we got all freaked out and ran away. We have no idea what happened next, because personal safety felt like the most important choice at that moment.

It was really nice to have an evening out. It was very cold, but the wind was not blowing and I was warmly dressed. It will help to balance out tomorrow, which looks like it is going to be sleety and cold and gross all day long.


Marianne said...

Cute Christmas dolls!

I was in Newburyport too last night. The atmosphere was festive, which I loved, but everything was way too crowded. I did manage to finish up my Christmas shopping which was awesome. Did you go into the new yarn store there? It's called A Loom with a View and it had some really nice stuff.

Amanda said...


That's funny that we were both there! I didn't see the yarn store, and was not with knitting type people...

the crowds didn't bother me that much because I'm relatively boobless and can slide between people. Plus, I don't mind shoving a little - ha!

I'll have to look for the yarn store next time. It's such a cute downtown, I like walking around there a lot!

Stacey said...

It is beautiful out there, so nice to be in the sun!

I'm going to have to check out Newburyport now!