Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Meet.... ummm... what's her name!

Well, I have NOT purchased a new doll, but I DID take one of my dollies and give her a pretty serious makeover! I didn't really take any 'before' pictures, so the only before pic is the one I have below. She's the light brown haired girl third from the left:

I bought her at a low price for the express purpose of cracking her open and giving her a massive makeover. Therefore, she was never named. And, I still don't have a name for her! She used to be a "Primadolly Ashlette" for people who know what that means. She was pretty tough to open up, and I ended up having to saw her head right on open. Yikes! I am a beginner Blythe surgeon, but it went okay. I'll outline the specs of the customization below, so if you don't care to read it, feel free not to!

First, she's looking around feeling a little nervous about her new surroundings:

However, Quinn makes her feel more comfortable and they are quickly telling secrets and giggling:

And now, here is a full length shot:

And here, she's checkin' out a picture of me, my siblings, and my paternal grandfather:

Okay, now for the boring stuff for dolly geeks: I removed her scalp, sawed her head open, rerooted a coolcat scalp in a custom three color blend from (raven black, phthalo blue, and midnight blue). That part took the longest time, of course. I also gave her four new sets of eyechips, slightly boggled her eyes, slightly corrected her gaze, gave her black eyeshadow (on eyelids and on face) new eyelashes, new blush, lip stickers, sand matted her face, gave her sleep eyes and new pull cords. Then, I put her back together and trimmed her hair.

Now, all that's left is to put charms on the end of her pull strings and to think of a name! I'm not sure what her name will be, although the somewhat obvious "Blueberry" comes to mind....

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