Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Well, actually, it's really not as bad as all that. Really. I went out to my car (fondly known as the Skittle due to its resemblance to a purple skittle) this morning, and was sorely disappointed at the lack of 'engine running results' I received when I turned the key. There were a few lethargic attempts at turning over, a few clicks, and then silence. Each subsequent attempt was met with an even less enthusiastic response.

Interestingly, I wasn't particularly stressed out about it. As I get older, things like this just don't worry me as much as they used to. Car problems happen, particularly to 9 year old cars that have lived outdoors all of their lives. AAA and my mechanic are called. Hours of work are missed. Car repair charges are added to credit car bills. Life goes on.

Now, my attitude may very well change if this car turns out to be surly for the last third of its life. I do indeed expect another good 5 years/ 60,000 miles from the Skittle... I have this grand plan of getting another car around when I turn 40, which is in exactly 5 years and 2 months, to the day. If the Skittle and I are destined to spend a lot more mornings like this, we are going to have to have couples counseling or something, because I don't intend to put up with such behavior!

Anyway, I'm back at home, waiting for the call from AAA... I'm no fool. You won't see me sitting in a parking garage waiting for them... I'll be on my sofa, writing this little anecdote on my blog, sipping coffee.

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Lizmo said...

Ah the skittle. Sounds like it's in shock from the sudden wintry weather. Maybe you should knit it a big sweater (a car cozy, if you will) for those cold nights in the parking garage.