Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sloppy, Snowy Day

It started snowing here around noon today, and it was really coming down. Many towns in the greater Boston area planned ahead and called early releases prior to the kids even getting to school today, but not Lowell! Teachers with long commutes started getting nervous pretty soon after it started to snow, because it was falling so quickly! About an hour before dismissal, I found the principal and told her I'd be happy to cover classes for any teacher who needed to leave early because of a long commute... after all, my commute is about 2 miles... I didn't exactly need to rush to get home!
I watched the "Lifeskills" class for a little while, which was fun. It's a small class of students with developmental delays, and they were watching a movie. They all know me already, so it went smoothly. I go in there whenever I need a little boost - they're a sweet group of kids who always make me smile!
Then, I had to go into an eighth grade science class, which was somewhat less awesome. There was the boy who showed me his leg and asked if I thought it was sexy, the two girls who attacked a boy and tried to pierce his ear with a pen, (and then tell him that the dot they put on his left ear meant that he was gay) then there was the boy who asked thirty times if he could go and get a drink even though he had done absolutely no work all class... you get the idea. I took it all in stride, though, knowing that I didn't have to be there for very long, and didn't have to see them again tomorrow... not my class!
Anyway, there was a lot of snow removal that needed to be done prior to driving home, and my two mile commute took over 30 minutes. I fared a lot better than some people... I'm currently watching the 11:00 news, and there are literally still people stuck on the roads who left work at 5 or 6 this evening. People reported a 16 mile drive taking 5 hours. Horrible. Just horrible!
No idea whether I'll be going to work tomorrow... I have the feeling that we might be going... the snow is tapering off, and they may be able to clear the roads by morning. We'll see.

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