Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Someone Flipped the Switch to Winter!

Jeez! That was harsh! It is all coldycold around here suddenly! This past Saturday, the wind was quite fierce, blinding drivers with tornadoes of dead leaves. Sunday night, it snowed, and left us with... a snow day from work! Huzzah! Now, New Englanders are doing the 'duck walk' across lumpy, icy, snowy sidewalks and streets, foregoing standard fashion rules and bundling up like many-layered sausages, and scraping crusty snow off of their cars.

On mornings like today, when I forget my mittens, I drive to work one-handed, with the other hand under my leg to keep it warm, and switch hands as needed. My car turns over so slowly, I get scared it won't start... it's on mornings like this that I worry my car won't last as long as I'd like it to. C'mon car, you can do it!

When it gets REALLY cold, I will be walking outside and will suddenly realize I have been holding my breath because it's too cold to breathe. I don't like those days all that much, but I try to embrace somewhat colder days by making sure I'm appropriately sausaged into ludicrous amounts of hand knit items... can you ever be wearing too many hand knit, woolen items? Socks, sweater, scarf, mittens, hat... snuggly.

Now, there are only 17 more days until the days start getting longer again. Hurry uppppp!

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