Sunday, January 06, 2008

Belated Update

So, I have been pretty spotty on the blogging lately. This particular post might be a bit rambling, but perhaps I will get to shorter, more picture-heavy posts soon.

I am back at work after a very lovely 11 day break. I spent much of that time up at my parents’ house in NH, which was very relaxing and enjoyable. My sister had flown in from London, and my brother and his wife had flown in from Oregon. So, the family was all together, and the time passed quite pleasantly. We sat around and talked, joked, played cards, ate DELICIOUS meals, opened gifts, went snowshoeing, sledding, and so on.

Regarding the sledding: that did not end so well. My brother, always the enterpriser, cleared a path in the woods that led down to the pond, so that we could fly down the hill and across the ice. In theory, this was a great plan, and several good runs were enjoyed before… one of the best and worst runs of the day. Yeah, it was me. I was on a small luge-type sled, and was doing a pretty good job of steering and not running into things (we were in the woods and the ground was very uneven, causing difficulty in steering). I got to the bottom of the hilly part near the pond, when suddenly, I found myself off the front of the sled. My trip was stopped short when a small, viny stump made very abrupt contact with my tailbone and my general posterior region.

The pain was really quite something. At first, I couldn’t even scream or anything. It hurt too much to even roll off of the stump. Of course, everyone ran down the hill to see what had happened, and my brother said, “well, I can’t see what you hit. It must have been the sled.” Not so, my friend. When I finally stopped feeling like I was going to vomit and faint, I had two people help me up… which was when everyone could see the stump that I had been somewhat impaled on. (No, nothing…. Um…. Tore. There. I said it.)

Sitting is now an uncomfortable enterprise. Standing and lying down are both just fine. However, I’m back at work now, which is not so great… lots of sitting at work. Yes, I got one of those special cushions with the tailbone area cut out, but the general sitting position is not a great one for me right now! Surprisingly, sneezing hurts a lot… who knew you used muscles in that area when you sneezed? Certainly I did not!

I have nothing much more to report on the subject. My butt hurts. Loads. From what people tell me, it is going to hurt for a long time.

So, there you have it. I will try to veer future posts toward more cheerful topics.

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Stacey said...

Oh that sucks so much! I'm so sorry...I hope you feel better soon!