Saturday, February 23, 2008

Silent Disco!

So, I have had the past week off from work, and have been VERY productive, getting a jump on spring cleaning (cleaning is not usually even an annual event in my home, but I felt inspired - I even cleaned behind/ under the stove, but more on that later). But I was reading someone else's blog, and she mentioned an event that was going to take place in Boston today, called a 'silent disco'. Basically, you download a specific MP3 onto your ipod, sync your watch to the 'official time', show up at the prearranged meetup spot (in front of Faneuil Hall), and press 'play' at a predetermined time (1:00 in this case). Then, you start following the instructions on the MP3.

First, we all went up to the statue and grabbed an index card from the people handing them out. Then, we danced around until we were told to all start jumping up and down. Then, we all squatted down and froze like the statue "The Thinker". There were many other fun instructions, and then near the end, there was a guy dressed as Moses, and we all (several hundred of us) formed a conga line behind him and conga-ed around Faneuil Hall. When the music stopped, we all casually stopped dancing and just walked away.

It was totally fun! I had convinced my buddy James to meet up with me, and he invited his friend, Andrew. Afterwards, we got some lunch, and then I did a bit of window shopping. It was all very excellent. I do believe I will watch the Banditos Misteriosos page to see what is going to be coming up next...

After the event, we got some lunch at Quincy Market. While we were eating, another much smaller group of people froze in place for several minutes... what are the odds? It was similar to this, that was sent to me from YouTube.

As for cleaning up under the stove, I decided if I was going to spend all that time cleaning my house, I might as well REALLY clean the house. When I moved the stove away from the wall, I was greeted by several pots and pans left by the last tenants, as well as several children's toys, cheerios, and peanut M&M's. None of those things were from me - if I was going to drop Cheerios or M&M's, they would have been dropped over by the sofa! My poor vacuum cleaner needs a little vacation, I think. And I squirted so much Simple Green that I was sneezing!

I've been a bad blogger lately. I hope you all can forgive me...

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Trinity said...

I'm so glad you went to the silent dance party! I ended up being consumed by a late start to the day and needing to go shopping/prep for a dinner party at our house that night, so I missed it. I did enjoy the link you posted on my blog and all of the others that I watched from the Improv Everywhere people.