Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finally, an update!

For certain, I have been neglecting my blog recently. Many apologies. To make up for it, I will share personal anecdotes of my life, as well as photos of a completed knitting project AND a newly begun knitting project.

Anecdotes: Okay, I lied. There is nothing interesting to report other than I have been waiting patiently for warm, springlike weather. I do believe it is time that I am rewarded for my patience. If spring is not forthcoming, I will also accept cash as a consolation prize.

Finished project: I have finished my Central Park Hoodie! The yarn was nice and teddy bear like, the pattern was straightforward once I tracked down reports of errata, I didn't run out of yarn, and the sweater fits and looks pretty good. All in all, a most excellent project. Here are two pictures - my head is cropped out because I am having a 'bad face day'. It would NOT cooperate by looking non-grotesque today. Go figure. Also, I am sincerely hoping that my tripod was a bit crooked, because otherwise, I REALLY ought to go see someone about my seriously bad posture!

Project Notes:
Pattern: Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky.
Yarn: Classic Elite Skye Tweed in Color # 1243, 14 balls. This yarn is discontinued, but I live near the Classic Elite headquarters and they had some left.
Needles: Denise interchangeables, size 5 & 7
Hook: Crochet hook, um, perhaps a 5mm? Something like that.
Size: 40
Notes: There are errata out there. Look them up, live by them. Otherwise, you will become annoyed. All in all, I would recommend this project. The cables kept it interesting, but it was not complicated. I would also say that it fits nicely, and the pattern gets bonus points for adding plus sizes.

Next up, a new project! I have had a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Geisha in the Backstabber colorway in my stash for a while, and wasn't quite sure what I was going to knit with it. After I finished CPH, I decided to pull out this yarn and find a pattern to go with it. After searching high and low, I decided upon Muir from Knitty. I like the wide open lacework and the leaves that seem to be floating in the middle of the lacework.

Here is me touching the yarn - say it with me: "ooooohhhhhhhh"

When I went to go wind it, I was somewhat distraught because it initially looked like it would not all fit on the ball winder - it started hitting the metal guide arm, even!

When you start to knit up lace, it frequently looks bunchy and weird. This pattern has the added bonus of looking nipply!

And finally, a stretched out shot of the lace in progress:

I am a little nervous about the amount of yarn called for. The yarn calls for perhaps 20 yards more than I have. However, any given pattern tells you how many total yards were in the skeins they had to purchase in order to make the pattern, and does not tell you the actual yardage used. So, I am weighing the yarn as I go along, so that I will hopefully leave enough for the edging, which is knit after the body of the scarf/shawl is completed. I will naturally report back when it is complete, and perhaps even before that.


Marianne said...

I hope I'll get to see your sweater at knitting tonight!

Une Petite Etoile said...

I am in awe of your sweater. Wow.

Anonymous said...

oh my, that is so beautiful! both the sweater & the yarn!

Sorry I missed knitting night! :( I had a work function. Hopefully I'll get back there again soon :(

~B.Z. said...

1) You *DO* look like a huggable Teddy bear in that sweater !

2) I think I see a bit of Scoliosis from the back :P

3) Is errata anything like Erotica ?

4) When is Sneaky Fingerman coming back !!??

Anonymous said...

The hoodie is wonderful!

I love cables!

aweso said...

amazing!! what a feat! waaaaaant that sweater.

Lizmo said...

Are you touching the yarn with your middle finger?!? Rude!

Amanda said...

Thanks for all the compliments!

Lizmo, that is most certainly not my middle finger; the finger to the right of the pointy one is my thumb!