Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finished Projects, Works in Progress

First, a photo of my Muir shawl relaxing on a cafe' chair.

Next, a shot of the socks I'm making out of the new Noro sock yarn in my favorite colorway:

I had no fewer than FOUR false starts with another colorway a few months ago... those socks are having a time out until such time as I can bear to go back to them!

The pattern is Nutkin by Beth LaPensee. The pattern is quite simple to memorize, and I've enjoyed knitting these socks so far. The only thing I think I'm going to change is that the pattern calls for a short row toe (that part is fine) and then you do a three needle bind off on the top of the foot, which I think is bulky and I don't personally like the looks of it. I'll be grafting via kitchener stitch instead. :)

I have recently completed several other projects, but I'm going to be making an effort to spread out the posts a bit.

Once again, it is NOT raining today, despite dire warnings of a totally rainy weekend. I managed to get outside for a little while... it wasn't quite flip flop weather like it was yesterday, but I'm still thrilled that spring is on its way!

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