Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ginormous Head of DOOOOOOOM.... and some hats.

Near my house is a small museum. There is a small courtyard outside. In this courtyard, there is a very large wire head. At various times, it is covered with various things. Currently, it is covered with stuffed animals. Observe:

Indeed, it is so covered, that you can't really even tell it is a head... unless you KNOW. Which I do!

My initial reason for going into the courtyard was to take some pictures of my recent knitting. It was a fairly decent day outside, and the sun was kind of out. I'll take it... April is known as a rainy month, and I'll take 'sort of sunny' over 'totally raining' any day.

So, in a continued effort to stretch out the photos, here are two hats that I made.

First, the "Robin's Egg Blue" hat by Rachel Iufer.

Quick pattern comments: I liked this pattern. I like that there is a cute little tab - I need to find a button to put on it in order for it to be complete, but I still like it.
That is really all I'm going to say about the pattern, because I don't feel like writing more. :)

Next, is the Amanda Hat by Gina House.

Briefly: I made this hat before with thinner yarn. I liked it enough that I made it again. The original pattern added a stitch to the end of the row so that you don't have to keep shifting around your stitch marker. However, that gives you a line up the back of the hat. So, this time around, I removed that extra stitch and concentrated extra hard so that I'd remember where to position the next pattern repeat. The results? No line up the back of the hat.

I like this pattern. It makes a nice, loose hat... and sometimes you're in the mood for a nice, loose hat!

Now, why have I suddenly been whipping off 1-2 skein projects? (there are several more for me to share) There is a good answer for this question.

I recently received a bunch of yarn from a friend who just moved. I don't know what most of it is, because most of it is not labeled. Additionally, there are a lot of single skeins, which means that I have had the opportunity to cruise Ravelry to find patterns suitable for a single skein of yarn. I've been enjoying the challenge, to be sure.

Lowell has been a hubbub of activity over the past two days. Ricky Gervais is in town filming a movie. I'm not sure when it will be out, but one road is completely blocked off, and my road is blocked off at the end... and they are stopping traffic as needed on yet a third street. New Englanders are pretty undercover about their fan craziness: At any given time, maybe 10-50 people are standing quietly across the street, watching politely at the activity in the filming area. No one is screaming and pointing, no one is bugging the crew... they're just standing quietly and watching. Occasionally, someone will pull out a camera and take a shot from far away, but no loud, rude media people are anywhere to be found. All in all, it hasn't really been all that disruptive, but there is a little buzz in the air... people casually asking if they have sighted any famous people and such. I personally haven't spotted anyone, although the bar where they're filming shares an alleyway with me, and evidently one of my across the alley neighbors spotted Ricky Gervais out there.

I've never been big into celebrity fandom. When I was a kid, a lot of my friends had posters of heartthrobs or bands that they liked, but I never did. However, if I just HAPPEN to see someone famous, I am entertained and a little curious. I once saw Cuba Gooding Jr. in a bar in Malibu, and on the same trip, I saw Liz Phair leaving a restaurant. When I was in 8th grade, I saw Tom Cruise; I was at a race track, and he was racing one of Paul Newman's cars. This was pre- Days of Thunder, and also waaay pre creepy scientology stuff. He was still cool back then.

Anyway, I will keep my eyes peeled, and perhaps peek out my window if I hear someone down there. I'll let you know if I see anyone interesting!


Anonymous said...

Okay, WHERE is that? That stuffed animal head is awesome!

I'm keeping my eyes peeled for stars too, but alas, no luck. My biggest brush with fame was when Elvis Costello came into the book/music store I worked in. That was really cool :)

Marianne said...

I don't like the stuffed animals on the head - for some reason that I can't quite put my finger on they sketch me out.

I think the movie stuff is funny - everyone seems to enjoy complaining about how the movie people are disrupting their trips to and from downtown.