Sunday, April 27, 2008

I have added a new addiction.

Yes. I bought a spinning wheel. I have wanted to try spinning on a wheel rather than on a drop spindle, but hadn't known that there were wheels available for, say, $500. I was at the CT sheep and wool festival yesterday, and saw the wheel I'm holding above. It's made of PVC instead of wood!

As is my way, I took it home and looked up a bunch of information online (websites, youtube how-to videos) and set to spinning. Some people like to sit next to someone and start from scratch; I prefer to figure out as much as possible on my own. I had some fiber left over from a spinning attempt last year, and came up with this:

I had been told by experienced spinners that the fiber is lousy. Indeed, it was pretty difficult to work with. But not bad after only having the wheel for a few hours and absolutely no instruction on how to use it!

Today, I asked a friend of mine for some additional pointers, and she gave me a couple of hints that led me to make this:

As an aside, I went back home and tried spinning the 'yucky' fiber again, and the result was just as lousy as the first one, if not even lousier! I am now fiberless. I guess I will just have to... sigh... knit.

There were many other things to see besides spinning wheels at the festival. There were alpacas - this one kept making cute noises:

Sheep running around in a small circle for no apparent reason:

Exceedingly delicate and complicated looking lace:

Ridiculously soft angora bunnies:

It was a very nice day. However, I am now out of fiber. Must get more!


LazyTcrochet said...

Oh yes, we all need more fiber! Wow those lace bobbins are amazing!

sukeyknits said...

Congrats on the new spinning wheel. I almost broke awhile back and got one too. I just have roving right now until I weave some more (for some reason I feel the need to justify a new hobby by showing a renewed interest in a defunct hobby - go figure). I agree wet underpants is not always hte most fun and I want a hot shirtless handsome cleaning guy too!