Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh, hai. I maeded another yarm!

I was sad yesterday because I thought I was out of fiber and I wanted to keep practicing spinning. Then, I remembered that about 5 years ago, I had made thrummed mittens, and had used a lovely merino/ silk roving for the thrumming. Well, that can most certainly be spun! There was enough left to get 75 yards of yarn, even! It's a bit more brownish gray than the picture shows; the flash got a little extra flashy, I guess.

Of course, I have ordered a couple of fibery items, and have gotten some tips of good places to get quality fiber at good prices. I'm thinking it might be fun to dye my own, especially with kool aid, which is nontoxic and makes some really bright, pretty colors. Evidently, you can also use food coloring, too. I am imagining using some rich pinks, oranges, and whatnot, and plying them with a dark, natural colored fiber, maybe browns?

It is going to be fuuuuuun!

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Cece said...

You haz preety yarns.