Thursday, April 17, 2008

A sort of hat, and some crochet!

Yep, I continue to roll out the photos.

First, Calorimetry from Calorimetry is a cute little headwarmer with a button underneath. Yes, my hair is a little messy, but the headwarmer is just fabuloso!

Next, I crocheted a short scarfy thing, which is really more for decoration/ a little bit of color... it's a bit too short to wrap around the neck more than once, but it is cute and was fun to make! The pattern is yet another one I found on Ravelry, and is called Queen Anne's Lace Scarf by Khebin Gibbons.

I'm crocheting another scarf, but have run into a PROB-LEM. I have run out of yarn. I have to crochet two more repeats, but simply have no more yarn left. There are two layers, and the second layer is... unfinishable. I am in a bit of a bind... do I rip out the entire second level and make the first layer a couple of repeats shorter, or do I just leave off the two repeats on the second layer and hope no one notices (and also make it not possible to give away as a gift)? I don't know yet. I'm going to think about it for a little while before making a decision. In the meantime, I will go back to knitting the Noro socks.

My parents came down to visit me this evening. We went for a walk down by the river, then went to Mr. Jalapeno for dinner (yum, by the way), and then went to a lecture about owls at the library. It was really cool - they had a bunch of owls for us to look at! My father brought along a camera, so once he sends me the pictures, I'll share them.

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