Friday, April 11, 2008

State of the Union Address

2008 has found this blog significantly more neglected than it had been in 2007. The biggest reason for this is not that there is nothing going on... rather, I have been avoiding taking/ uploading photos. I mean, what's a blog post without a picture? Just a buncha words. And who wants that!

Anyway. On to the updates.

Work: Busy. Full of kids who can't seem to get the hang of the whole 'school' thing, despite 5-8 years of practice. Much teenage angst. And about 45 more work days until summer vacation. All is right with the world.

Home: I have managed to keep my place fairly clean (for me) since the 'giant cleanup of 2008'. I figure there only need be 30 minutes of tidying for a casual guest, perhaps 1-2 hours if it's someone more important.

Environmental New Year's Resolution: This one is going pretty well! I continue to work on reducing paper and plastic waste. I can't remember the last time I used a paper napkin at home. Sometimes, I really get the urge to use a disposable Kleenex rather than my handkerchief, but progress has still been made. Also, our building (and several nearby) is looking into hiring a company to provide recycling bins in addition to garbage dumpsters for us. This will be great! This is a resolution I am actually sticking to.

Emergency Wallet Lockdown/ Extreme Budgeting: Okay, it's not super extreme; I still have cable TV and even bought a snazzy new pair of sneakers, but let me tell you, my credit card bills are looking VERY different from what they used to! I wouldn't be surprised if I'm charging less than 10-20% than I used to monthly. Let's not bandy about actual numbers... but suffice it to say, I'm very pleased with how this is going. Barring exorbitant unexpected life expenses, I'm optimistic that I will be able to follow through with "Operation Debt Demolition". This consists of drastically reducing my total debt in the next 5 years by carefully considering every dollar I spend, basically.

Anti Consumer Brainwashing: I am doing a good job of brainwashing myself to reject the typical American consumerist mindset. Baby steps, but still... I have the urge to spend much less frequently than I used to, and am assuming this will only get easier over time.

Knitting: Yeah, I've been knitting a bunch. However, I don't always enjoy photographing my knitting, because I don't have a nice, bright spot to take the pictures, so it always requires a lot of camera setting manipulation and color correction afterwards. Someday, I will not overlook an alleyway. I might even have a small yard. Sure, this might not happen until I'm in my 50's, but a girl can dream, can't she?

It's going to rain all weekend, so I'm not overly optimistic about being able to get good pics at the many items I've made lately. However, I'll give it my best shot.

I realize that this list is not overly personal. No mention of any fun stuff. There has been fun stuff along the way, but I've really been in an 'all business mode' for some time now. I'm kickin' ass and takin' names... let's just hope your name isn't on the list!

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sukeyknits said...

You've been a busy girl! Congrats on keeping up with the resolutions. I hear you on the environmental/consumerism/spending less. Just had visitors so that always gets expensive. And finally, what's with not taking pictures - I'm in the same boat. A picless blog is no blog at all and yet, I can't get decent shots. Maybe spring will bring more sunny pics.