Sunday, May 04, 2008

Must! Resist!

Whenever I happen upon a new craft that I want to try out, I get all serious about it, read up on it, try to learn how to do things, and then buy a bunch of supplies that I will clearly need in order to MASTER this craft. This happened with knitting; that craft stuck. It happened with jewelry; that craft also stuck. It happened again with polymer clay; I haven't really found the time to work with polymer clay, which leads me to believe I don't love it as much as I thought, or perhaps that I just like yarn and knitting more.

Anyway, as I have been mentioning, I have been watching video after video, visiting website after website, learning as much as I can about spinning. I am fascinated, as well as completely enamored. I have created almost one skein of yarn per day since I got my wheel, even. AND, I have been window shopping online for all sorts of fiber. Currently, my fiber stash is quite small, but I am incredibly tempted by so many things!

Here are some links to things I think are pretty. I want to buy them, sniff them, pat them, stare at them, and eventually spin them. There are so many great fiber sellers on Etsy.

Okay, I'll stop after four. But for the time being, I MUST resist! I am definitely going to stop by the NH sheep and wool festival this coming weekend, and would prefer to buy something from local artisans rather than ordering something from far away and paying shipping.

But seriously. Those are some purdy fibers. How am I supposed to resist???

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