Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Hampshire Sheep & Wool

This weekend was mother's day. My mother just so happens to live within 20 minutes of the Hopkinton Fairgrounds, which is where the festival was taking place... it really only made sense for me to check it out, wouldn't you say? Yes? Well, that is what I said, too! I brought caaaash money and an empty shopping bag, and left with LESS cash money and a full shopping bag. During lunch, one woman's husband noted that there was clearly enough room left in my bag for one or two skeins of sock yarn, but I resisted. (that was one lucky wife, with such an enabling husband! I wonder what her yarn/ fiber stash looks like!)

I liked this festival. It was a bit bigger than the CT show, but you could still see everything in a few hours of concerted effort. There were animals (sheep, goats, alpaca, a llama or two, and sheepdogs), raw fiber, processed fiber, yarn, spinning accessories, and so on... and all were well represented.

A nicely shorn alpaca:

Corriedale from The Sheep Shed:

Four different merino/ tencel blends from The Sheep Shed:

Merino from The Sheep Shed:

Merino/ Silk from Avi's Web:

Bamboo fro Avi's Web:

Merino and Merino/Tencel fiber from FiberFetish:

It was a nice show. I would definitely go again, especially now that I know about it, and because it is on Mother's Day weekend - very convenient!

I ought not to let this post go by without noting that I had a nice time visiting my parents and grandmother. It's always nice to see them! The card I got my mom was true - now that I'm older, she is a friend in addition to being my mother.... more of a 'frother'! haha.


Stacey said...

Oo, you got the same merino/tencel as me - Grass right? :)

I wish I would have met up with you yesterday there!

Cece said...

Ohhhhhh SO nice. I want to touch it.

Marianne said...

I hope your fiber-y weekend has put you in a better mood! That fiber is gorgeous and I can't wait to see it all spun up.