Monday, June 30, 2008

Belated 'Vacation' Pics

Every spring, I trek up to two great bead stores up in Maine. I had been trying to decide whether to make more than a 1 day affair of it, and the a/c breaking down in my building over a scorchingly hot weekend sealed the deal for me.

I started the weekend by driving up to Freeport to shop at The Beadin Path, and to do a bit of window shopping in town. I found these nice flowers and stopped to take pictures:

I then drove down to Portland and checked into my teensy hotel room.... the bathroom was down the hall and was hysterically small. Here is the glorious chandelier in my room:

And here is the room itself... I was standing in the 'closet', if you could even call it that. The room smelled like cheap carpet cleaner, but the a/c was delightfully arctic.

I stopped in at a yarn store on my way downtown, and they had a huge number of buttons.

I then strolled around downtown, and made sure to check out the waterfront.

What a very good name for a boat.

If you like a good lobster roll, get one here:

Who is that bewitching woman?

No, it is I who will be sightseeing YOU! (I got that little girl to wave at me, haha)

I don't have pictures of the bead spoils, but I assure you I stocked up on a good number of seed beads.

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