Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Near where I work, there is a low bridge that trains go over. It's under 12 feet tall, which means that a lot of 18 wheelers cannot get under it. Every once in a while, a truck gets stuck underneath. Yesterday was one of those days. As I was leaving work, there was a truck that had REALLY mangled the front/ top of the storage part of the truck. Dunno what the technical term for that is, really... anyway, there were little bits of truck in the road, even, perhaps fiberglass pieces? Cars were driving around the truck, and I did so, as well. However, traffic stopped, and I was stuck RIGHT underneath the lip of the bridge, right next to the crushy part of the truck. Suddenly, the guy hopped back into the truck and started backing up! Chunks of broken truck were raining down on my car, and I was completely helpless to do anything about it!

Finally, traffic moved and I got the heck out of there. I'm just glad a chunk didn't hit the windshield.

May I also mention the weather yesterday? How is 99 degrees in June an acceptable temperature for New England? Plus, two out of two banks agreed that it was 103. Completely gross. That's the kind of weather that a car air conditioner just can't get ahead of, you know? Bleh.

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