Thursday, July 24, 2008

Berry Picking

I have been slacking on my blog posting. Sorry about that.

Last week, I went raspberry picking. (I know... yum, right?) It was a hot, sunny day, so after I slathered up with sunblock, I drove to the farm. I picked a row, and the bushes were just huge! There weren't really any berries at 'normal person height', but there were tons about 7 feet in the air, which is great for me, really. Just look at these huge bushes, taken from my eye level:

The berries were really big, too - this one wasn't even abnormal compared to the others!

Here was a mutant berry:

Here was its skeleton... after I ate the good part:


Okay, it's really just a goat that lost a horn. Thanks for RUINING EVERYTHING.


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