Friday, July 25, 2008

Habu Textiles

For EVER now, I have wanted to visit the Habu Textiles yarn store in NYC. However, it has never quite come to pass. So, when I heard that they'd be at the Knit and Crochet Show in Manchester NH this weekend, I squeezed it into my already full weekend schedule - how could I not! Sure, I need to go set up my jewelry in less than an hour, and will be at "Art in the Courtyard" downtown as part of the Lowell Folk Festival... but the trip up north was worth getting up early for, because I just loved the Habu booth!

What makes them so alluring to me? They use very unusual fibers in their yarn... paper, fiber from strange plants, stainless steel, and of course some of the more expected ones... cotton, wool, silk, bamboo, linen... just fascinating! The shopping experience was nice because everything was well marked, and there were a lot of knitted swatches to look at, which was definitely helpful while shopping.

The green one: fiber from a pineapple plant! (Yes, I have a few ideas)
The purple one: cotton, but feels like paper.
The silvery gray one: undyed linen.
The bronze one: 100% sil.
The navy one: silk and... stainless steel!
The tealy blue one: 100% cotton, but feels sooooo soft... how did they do that?
The cranberry one: bamboo

I am just thrilled. Sadly, I must leave my new yarns and go sit outside, hoping people buy my stuff. ;-)

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whoa, what interesting fibers!