Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Neti Pot

So, my nose sometimes gives me problems. I have some allergies, and my nose tends to always be runny, but also dry. I won't go into further details. You may thank me now.

Anyway, when I first got interested in yoga, I got a few books, and one of them described using a Neti Pot. The one in the yoga book looked kinda like this one:

What the heck is that for, you might wonder? Well, you put warmish water in it, add non iodized salt, and pour it into your nose. Yeah, sounds gross. I know. You do it while your head is tilted forward, and your sinuses fill up with water, and then it pours out the other nostril. Then, switch nostrils and repeat.

Why would you do that? Well, it is meant to flush icky stuff out of your nose, including allergens and excessive mucous and also germies. The neti pot is gaining popularity; you can even buy them at Wal Mart now. If you would like to watch an educational video from the good people at NeilMed about how to use the Neti Pot, CLICK HERE. If you do NOT want to see that video, then for goodness sake, don't click there! Do not!

Anyway, I bought one. I flushed out my nose. Initially, you get that tangy 'water up the nose' sensation, and then it is kinda weird. And then it is even weirder. And then water starts pouring out of your other nostril. And then your eyes might water just because it is so weird. Not because it hurts or anything, because it doesn't. (Just make sure to add the non iodized salt, cuz otherwise, it stings a lot, evidently)

Afterwards, it did feel nice and clear up there. I will see over time if it helps with allergies, colds, and dry/ drippy nose issues. And will report back if you like. Note: you will all be pleased to know that I will NOT be taking any pictures or videos of the process. That would just be inappropriate.


Lynne said...

I love my neti pot! I started using one over a year ago. See you Saturday!

Nehru suit said...

I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Google. You have made my day! Thanks again…